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主题 : 2013年考博英语听力中影响理解的词组
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1) a big time:尽兴,高兴的时刻 oQAD 3a  
e.g. I had a big time there. the big time:第一流,最高级 e.g. Don’t worry you are in the big time now. W2s6!_AN  
2) according to:按照,根据 !CUrpr/*  
e.g. They were commended or criticized according to their work. according as:随……而定 du  Pzt  
e.g. The thermometer rises or falls according as the air is hot or cold. YFeF(k!!n  
3) admit to:承认 En yx+]9  
e.g. I have to admit to a dislike for modern music. admit sb.(in) to:允许某人进入某地或加入某组织、行业 SRyAW\*LWU  
e.g. They have admitted me into their club. N vY%sx,  
4) all for:完全赞成 um~U_&>  
e.g. I am all for holding a meeting to discuss it. for all:尽管 h{#Hwp  
e.g. They could not open the box for all their forces. /3{jeU.k  
5) all in all:总的说来 Xf(H_&K  
e.g. All in all it is a success. all in:疲倦,筋疲力尽 rZEL7{  
e.g. He was all in but he stuck it out. 3w6}%=)$8  
6) as it is (was):照目前的情况来看 ?U$H`[VF}  
e.g. As it is we shall be able to complete our task in time. as it were:可以说,姑且这样说 `Zh DoLpH<  
e.g. He is as it were a walking dictionary. 6B'd]Fe  
7) as much as:几乎,实际上 e i%L[>N  
e.g. By running away he as much as admitted that he had taken the money. as much…as:与……一样多 8iQ8s;@S&>  
e.g. It is as much our responsibility as yours. = wEU+R_#o  
8) as well:也,还是……为好 ^VabXGzo#  
e.g. He gave me advice and money as well. Since you have begun to do it you may as well finish it. as well as:不仅……而且,除……之外 -*HR0:H  
e.g. With television we see a picture as well as hearing sound. Small towns as well as big cities are being rapidly industrialized. WTK )SKa,.  
9) at one time从前某个时期 e.g. At one time we met frequently. at a time:每次,一次 &V"9[ 0  
e.g. You can borrow only two books at a time. ^26vP7  
10) attach to:属于,归因于 4C m+xAXG  
e.g. No blame attaches to him. attach oneself to:参加,加入 cc37(=o KL  
e.g. He attached himself to the group of climbers. ;XAj/6pm  
11) be a credit to:为……增光 II;   
e.g. I hope you will be a credit to your school. do credit to:为……增进荣誉 H.-VfROi2  
e.g. This piece of work does credit to you. &RF*pU>  
12) bear in mind:记住 [ H|ifi  
e.g. I hope you will bear in mind all I am saying. have in mind:考虑 B eFCt;  
e.g. Don’t give your confidence to others regarding the plan you have in mind. f~a]og5|G  
13) begin with:以……为起点 _e4%<!1  
e.g. He advised me to begin with something easy. to begin with:首先 ;fi H=_{us  
e.g. To begin with we must consider the problem from all sides. so=Ux2  
14) build up:逐步建成,增强 ny++U;qi  
e.g. They are trying hard to build up an independent economy. He went for an ocean voyage and built up his health. build on:以……为基础,依赖 !N"Y  
e.g. Let’s build on your idea. We shall build on your supporting us. 8>4@g!9E  
15) by day:在白天 Ah#bj8}  
e.g. Most of them work by day and study by night. by the day:(指工作报酬等)按日计算 nI0TvB D  
RZ +SOZs7H  
e.g. Will you pay me by the day or by the hour? D^dos`L0b  
16) can but只好……罢了 S29k IJ  
e.g. We can but try to make him see how unreasonable he has been. cannot but:不得不,禁不住 qE:/~Q0  
e.g. I cannot but tell her the truth.(=I cannot help telling her the truth) BU;o$"L  
17) come forth:出现,发行 y*oH"]D  
e.g. Many new things are coming forth.. Do you know that a set of new stamps has come forth? come forward:自告奋勇,提出供讨论 They have come forward with an offer to help. The matter was deferred at last evening’s meeting but will come forward at our next session. qL;u59  
18) compare … to比拟(指出其中的相似点) LWX,u  
e.g. Man’s life is often compared to a candle. compare … with:把……和……相比(指出其不同之处) x%]5Q/|Ur  
e.g. He compared his camera with mine. .+#<~Jv  
19) consist in:包含在……中 ;:Kd?Tz$  
e.g. Happiness consists in good health. consist of:由……组成 .=`r?#0  
e.g. The apartment consisted of two rooms and a kitchen. v$JhC'  
20) end on:两端相碰,正对 a Byetc88/  
e.g. The two ships collided each other end on. We shouldn’t place the bicycles end on. on end:竖着,连续地,不断地 8 o ^ h\9I  
e.g. Place the box on end. She often works for 20 hours on end. ]:g;S,{  
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21) familiar to:某事为某人熟知 )1PjI9M  
e.g. There were facts not familiar to me. familiar with:熟悉或通晓某事 Ex`!C]sQ  
L `6 R  
e.g. He is familiar with English German and French.. "I}]]?y  
22) feel for sb.:同情某人,为某人难过 o?]N2e&(  
e.g. I feel for you in your sorrow. feel for sth:(用手、脚、棍子等)摸索,寻找某物 @w[2 BaDt  
e.g. She felt under the pillow for her watch DnI31!+y  
EmFL %++V  
23) for a moment:片刻,一会儿 =ICakh!TO  
e.g. She was silent for a moment weighing in her mind the pros and cons. for the moment:此刻、暂时 S#[w).7  
e.g. I cannot recall his name for the moment.  W! =X _  
24) get down:下去,下来;写下来 81jVjf?`  
e.g. The bus was so jammed that I could not get down. Here’s the telephone number I got down for you. get down to:认真着手进行处理 c7R<5f  
JI H6!  
e.g. It is no good shirking the job it will have to be got down to. @SX- =Nr  
25) get into trouble with sb.:遭到某人的(训斥等) aEvW<jHh  
Mep c t  
e.g. Poor Tom is always getting into trouble with the boss. get sb. into trouble:使某人陷入困境 ,B8u?{O  
e.g. The letter got me into trouble. 26) give sb. a hand:帮助某人或参与某人做某事 f:u3fL  
e.g. Give me a hand with the cleaning please. give sb. one’s hand:与某人握手 T@P[jtH<d  
e.g. She gave me her hand and wished me a good trip. ~|kSQ7O^  
Ax{C ^u  
27) go through:检查,搜查;通过,穿过 [#mRlL0yk  
e.g. They went through our luggage at the customs. It took us a whole week to go through the great forest. go through with:把……坚持到底 _|f_%S8a_=  
e.g. We should go through with the experiment now we’ve started. $Si|;j$?  
&|Cd 1z#?  
28) good for:有益于 ,(y6XUV~  
e.g. This book is good for your English study. for good:永久地 >p?Vv0*  
e.g. The lost money was gone for good. 29) have a fancy for:爱好,喜爱 R^k)^!/$f  
e.g. She has a fancy for nice clothes. have a fancy that:猜想,认为 MfG8=H2#|  
e.g. I have a fancy that he will come tonight. LCMZw6p  
30) head up:领头;领导 k^ Qd%;bdF  
e.g. A band headed up the parade. Mr. Jones will head up the new business. heads up:注意,小心 'izv[{!n{  
e.g. Heads up now You can do better than that. FXG,D J:  
31) in a way:在某种程度上 %@MO5#)NI  
e.g. In a way it is an important book. in the way:妨碍,挡路 I will visit you next weekend if there is nothing in the way. tb/`*Yl@  
32) in black:穿黑色衣服 BG^)?_69  
e.g. Arabian women are always dressed in black clothes. in the black:赢利,赚钱 New production methods put the company in the black. ]QSQr *  
33) in charge of:负责 +HkEbR'G0  
e.g. Who is in charge of this work? in the charge of:照护 TH>7XK<90M  
e.g. The patients are in the charge of the nurse. PX >>h}%  
34) in hand:控制 }m93AL_y  
*hli nQKs  
e.g. There was a little rioting but the police soon had the situation in hand. hand in:递交,交给 D:0?u_[W  
gQ$0 |0O  
e.g. He handed in his resignation in protest against it. vl>_;} W7  
$ E-c%-  
35) in one’s honor:向……表示敬意或感谢 so_^%) gdJ  
e.g. The day was kept as a holiday in honor of victory. on one’s honor:用人格担保 ZsN3 MbY  
e.g. We were on our honor not to cheat on the exam. ZN}U^9m=  
qdxDR 2]U  
36) in possession of:占有 plgiQr #  
e.g. He is in possession of this house. in the possession of:被占有 l 9bg  
e.g. The keys are in the possession of the door keeper. G5 *_  
37) in spirit:在内心,在精神上 rq | >z.  
e.g. In spirit at least these laws were very fair. in spirits:情绪或心情(好、坏等) ]~7xq)28  
e.g. He is in poor spirits because of his failing in the exam. kY#sQz}8  
38) keep up:继续,保持 iCdq-r/r!6  
e.g. They entered into a correspondence which was kept up for almost ten years. keep up with:与……齐步前进,跟上 ni-4 ~k  
&?M'(` ~  
e.g. With their help he has kept up with the class. l-M .C8N  
39) look about:环视 ^K[[:7Aem  
\= Wrh3  
e.g. He looked about him with great interest. look about for:四处寻找 T^H`$;\  
e.g. She was looking about for the key she had just lost. ~i=5NUE  
lQ|i Ws  
40) look up:向上看 ;c|G  
8[d6 s  
e.g. He looked up and nodded to me. look up to:尊敬 GtkZ%<KF9  
=EUi| T4:  
e.g. It must be rewarding to be looked up to by so many people. !N\i9w}  
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41) make one’s way:开路 o '!WW  
e.g. As soon as he saw us the teacher made his way through the crowd to greet us. make one’s way to:向……走去 R% )7z)~  
e.g. In the evening we made our way to the appointed meeting place. |Whkq /Zg  
42) measure to:测量到某一精度 O"f|gc)GLz  
$s!2D"wl n  
e.g. Measure this part to mm. measure up to:够得上,可以匹敌 8aa`0X/6  
e.g. The new techniques measure up to advanced world standard. btv.M  
Ap9 %5:]  
43) more than:很,非常 ec"+Il  
e.g. He was more than upset by the accident. more…than:比……更 S'%!KGVe  
e.g. I regarded her more highly than me. IjnO2X  
FAF+ }  
44) much as:虽然 W5zlU2  
e.g. Much as I should like to go I can’t go right now. as much:同样的或同样多少的 b%D}mxbS  
e.g. You have always helped me and I will always do as much for you. 9 e'9$-z  
Zh 3hCxXa  
45. no less than:不亚于,竟达……之多 a^.5cJ$]  
e.g. There were no less than one hundred people at the meeting. not less than:不比……差,至少 G5' HrV  
e.g. There were not less than one hundred people at the meeting. 请大家注意区分以上两句的差别,第一句是指“竟达100人之多”,第二句则是“至少有100人”,要明白no less than是一种强调说法,它和not less than的区别在于事先假定的程度或是数量有所不同,no less than在某种意义上说来没有超过的意思,而not less than可能会超过,这种表达方式正好与no more than以及not more than相反。 XonI   
DXc3u^ L  
46. no more than:同样不;仅仅,只有 qo62!q  
e.g. This book is no more interesting than that one. It is no more than empty talk. not more than:不比……更,不如;至多 Pq)C(Z  
e.g. He is not more clever than you are. There were not more than 5 factories in our city before liberation. CiTjRJ-ZW)  
47. on sale:出售的;廉价出售 )H`1 CcT  
e.g. Many new farm tools are on sale in this store. I got this book on sale it was very cheap. for sale:出售的,上市的 6;vfl*  
e.g. I shall put these goods up for sale. 在作“出售的”的意思的时候,on sale和for sale还是有一些不同的,一般来说,for sale多指物主亲自或委托代理人经手出售,而on sale通常表示店里的货物是供出售的。 ?^z.WQ|f@  
48. once again:再一次 + 4*jO5EZ  
gdkQ h_\  
e.g. I want to try this once again. once and again:一再  (zL(  
e.g. I have told him once and again not to do that. -OPJB:7Z  
L! DK2,  
49. out of question:毫无疑问,必定 k x26nDT(  
e.g. Out of question this plan can be fulfilled ahead of time. out of the question:不可能的 ,2?Sua/LD  
e.g. What you propose is out of the question. (np60mX<  
50. refer to:提及,涉及 pwG"_|h  
e.g. I would like to refer back to the first of my three points. refer to…as:称作,叫做 WfF~\DlrD  
N);2 2-  
e.g. Coal is often referred to as food for industry. [c_o.`S_\  
51. search sb.:认真搜查某人身体 6o4Bf| E]  
e.g. They searched him but nothing was found on him. search for sb.:搜查某地为找到某人  a8wQ ,  
e.g. They searched for him everywhere but failed. />,KWHR|:  
52. settle down:落下;定居 s}5,<|DL  
e.g. The dust slowly settled down. He has settled down in the countryside. settle down to:专心致力于;逐渐习惯于 N=[# "4I  
e.g. He settled down to his homework. They settled down to a new job. yRF %SWO  
53. speak for itself:不言而喻 'l7ey3B%  
e.g. One does not to be told that this fact speaks for itself. speak for oneself:发表本人的意见 +i0j3.  
e.g. What others think I do not know I can only speak for myself. D`e6#1DbJ  
54. submit to:屈服于 Q?uHdmY*X  
e.g. He has to submit to an operation. submit…to:提交 TyG;BF|rwk  
e.g. They must submit the case to the court aR0'$*3E  

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